Health care consultancy

Dr. Yvonne van Kemenade is active (for 30 years now) in the field of healthcare policy and management in the Netherlands and is the author of several publications and books in the healthcare field. She has also held a number of positions in this field: researcher and lecturer at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (iBMG/EUR), advisor to the Council for Public Health and Care (Raad voor de Volksgezondheid en Zorg, RVZ), strategic advisor in the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht (the Netherlands), and Director of a primary healthcare organisation (ZEL) (200 general practitioners). Currently she working as a freelance consultant.
Recently, Yvonne van Kemenade wrote the books Healthcare in Europe 2018 & Healthcare in Europe 2019!

Healthcare in Europe 2018 & 2019!


Every European country has its own healthcare system with its own specific features. These publications are a survey of healthcare finance and reimbursement systems in 22 European countries. The book is the completely updated and revised second edition of Health Care in Europe 1997 and 2007.
The introduction discusses the problems involved in analyzing and comparing healthcare systems and introduces current trends. Separate chapters describe the healthcare system in each of the 22 countries. Each chapter starts with a broad outline of the way the healthcare system operates, followed by a discussion of the benefit package and co-payments, pharmaceutical regulation, primary care and hospital facilities. Each chapter concludes with a section on recent developments.
Two general chapters compare the overall finance systems and reimbursement systems of professional and hospital payments in the countries described.


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